The first media buying platform built for sales.

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Our industry leading Machine Learning System continuously inspects your highest quality Sales. Proactively target people with the highest probability to become your next customers.

Tired of spending too much money on poor quality leads?

After spending $375M on advertising, we were too, that’s why we built Qualifyed.

The Process

1. Measure

We ingest your data to validate and score your leads based on the probability of a sale.

2. Model

Through Machine-Learning, we create a model of actual targetable people that have a 90%+ probability to close.

3. Optimize

We then take that model and inform your advertising to optimize for sales across Search, Social, Display, and Video placements.

4. Scale

Now plan, buy, and execute media to reach your ideal customer before they even know they’re a fit, automatically.

Why Qualifyed?

  • Decreased customer acquisition costs by 87%

  • Provided a 10x increase in online conversions

  • Helped offline sales team increase efficiency by 800%

Ready to start driving qualified leads?